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Why a Membership Site?

Hello! Happy Thursday!

People have asked why I chose to create a membership based site? If I want to help people why not make the site free? Well, first I do wish to make enough money to keep everything running around here, but beyond that, the most important reason would be to keep things safe. I want to protect my listeners and site visitors! I want to protect their anonymity as well as make sure they have a safe place to talk about kink. It is important to me to have a place where people can share and learn about kink. I do not want anyone misappropriating the information within this site and possibly harming themselves or others. I believe it is better to give us a place where someone has to pay to be here and shares our philosophies and ideas. A place where hopefully people do not get offended by what we talk about.

I invite you to join us within these walls to explore, browse, share and learn how to take your intimate relationship to a new, healthy and safe, level!

See you inside!

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