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To Swallow or not to Swallow!

Good morning! Today I want to talk about getting the best blow job of your life! Over and over again!

Okay, now that I have your attention!! lol

It IS possible to give and get the best oral ever with a couple of adjustments to.......attitude!

So what the fuck am I talking about? This is really easy and very effective! So please stick with me.

The only true skill you need to give the best oral is ENTHUSIASM and PASSION. And here is the best part, you can "fake it till you make it" with the skills. You may think that would ruin the entire experience, well, yeah if you or your partner were aware that you are faking it, sure, but nobody has to be aware and I will go further and say after a while the rewards you will receive from this exchange will turn your "fake" into 100% real passion! If you have attraction and love for you partner, and vise versa, it will work. Even if the attraction has gone dormant as long as there is a desire to still be with that person this will reignite that passion and your fake will become real.

Problem here is not everyone has any embers left to ignite. That is actually where the real problem is with this whole relationship ! We fall in and out of love quite often in a relationship. This is why I advocate for the "pre fucking" exploratory part of the relationship! If you follow me you know what I am talking about!! It is so important to figure out sexual compatibility BEFORE you stick your cock in it! Or let him stick his cock in it!

So getting back to the oral sex issues, if you and your partner are able to communicate, and are willing and desirous of restoring the fire in your relationship, then a conversation needs to happen. And both parties need to agree that they want to do whatever it take to reignite to fire! Then she or he needs to be given the all clear to express deep passion for orally satisfying their partner.....even if it is a bit of a fake to . We all need a safe place to talk about this and be encouraged to act on it.

Look!! If there is attraction then it is pretty difficult to not be aroused when your partner is turned on by something. So you need to get over your feeling of rejection (I understand!!) and you need to show him or her that you want their mouth more than are dripping wet at the thought. She or he should respond, assuming you have had the conversation beforehand, and let the games begin!!! I promise eventually the sparks will fly for real.....if it doesn't? Then you have your answer and you need to make some decisions!

That is another post all together!

Now, go have a conversation and suck some cock! Or eat some pussy...or both! Whatever, get to it!

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