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Sexuality is Fluid

This is the topic of my new podcast episode. I have heard from a couple of you regarding your thoughts on the subject! Thank you! I love hearing from you. Whether you agree with me or do not, it makes no difference, I still want to hear from you. I love the conversation !

Being fluid in your sexuality is a good thing! It should not be a source of fear or discomfort. I think we can agree we all grow and change as people, and that should include our sexuality. The key is to have a partner who welcomes the changes and growth, I know change can be scary for some, and that is okay, but our sexual evolution should be a happy thing, it should be something we are grateful for. We need to be with someone who also expects to grow in their sexuality as well as a person, in general. So once again we go back to sexual ! WE. NEED TO Take time to explore each others wants, desires, beliefs before we enter into an intimate relationship. Trust me when I say it is much harder to act one our decicion that someone is not the right fit for us after we have sex! So hold your desire in check while you figure out if this person is as kinky and adventurous ( or not) as you are! Make sure they are the safe place you need to explore who you are and who they are!

If you have not listened to the newest episode yet then use this link and go listen! As always let me know your thoughts! And if yo have not set up your 1on1 with me, please let me know!

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