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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Have you heard of Kegles? Those exercises women do to help make their vagina stronger? Did you know men can perform Kegles also?

Let's talk!

Today's podcast was all about men and their pelvic floor and how strengthening it may bring them some beneficial, and very desirable, results. Do you know how to do Kegles? Let us start with how to locate the pelvic floor muscle. After this I will tell you the results you may experience!

First off you need to locate the muscle by simulating what you do when you try to stop your stream while urinating. If your pelvic floor is weak you may have a hard time stopping your stream once you get started , this will help that. But you know where the muscle is if you know how to "feel" where you squeeze to stop your stream.

Now that you have found the muscle, lay down flat on your back and get comfortable. Pay attention to your body. Squeeze the muscle in your pelvic. If it is weak you may have a hard time feeling the squeeze. Please do not get frustrated if you can not feel the squeeze at first. This is normal, as it is with any muscle strengthening, if it is a weak muscle. Give it time, it will get stronger as the days pass. And when it comes to exercise this is a breeze! Once you get used to performing a Kegle you will need to do it several times a day with maybe 10 reps. You can do it laying down, standing, sitting, walking or even while having sex. For more detailed explanation please go listen to my audio on "Pelvic Floor Exercises"

Okay so here is the part you have been waiting for! The benefits! Well, how about being able to orgasim more often in a shorter period of time? How about staying harder longer or being able to hold back on your orgasim longer?

Go listen to the audio and find out how you can add this exercise to your sexual experience.

Questions? Please feel free to message me!

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