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Older Women and Younger Men

I want to explore the relationship, or attraction, that young men have for older women. I am an older woman, as such I can tell you I am asked on a daily basis if I will consider to date a younger man. I have had young men as much as 35 years younger than myself want to go out with me. Make no mistake, I know what they want! Now there are some young men who try to convince me that they want a relationship, want someone like me in their life, but it all just about sex? I mean, yes, I think so. I think that young people, men and women alike, are attracted to the experience of an older person. And if you can find an older person whom you actually find attractive then this is even better . Maybe like finding a unicorn.

I have found, in my experience, that young men want older women, It is very common for this to happen. Is it the same with young women? Do young women want older men? The sad truth is that most young women want older men for their financial stability as well as the fact that most older men know how to treat a lady!

So older women are wanted, by younger men, for their sexual experience and older men are wanted for their money, stability and ability to spoil a girl.

Of course this is just my opinion! Please tell me what you think.

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Always preferred older women. Must be because I was Momma's boy and have recurring dreams of advances being made on me by several of my moms friends, as a group.

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