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Complimentary 1 on 1 with Hunny?

Do you have questions surrounding your intimate relationship? Past, current or future? Are you uncomfortable in your sexuality? Do you have questions regarding your desires and whether they are "normal" or any question you have surrounding your relationships and sex? These are the sorts of things we discuss during coaching sessions.

Would you be interested in a complimentary 1on1 sexuality coaching session with me? Everyone who joins my website, from now until the 1st of April, will receive a 1on1 sexuality coaching session!

You can join with any type of membership and receive the FREE session. So if you join the year membership and get 12 sessions included, you will now get 13! Sessions are conducted on Zoom. And are in 15 minute increments.

Hope you join. I look forward to our session!

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22 mar

How does one go about scheduling a complimentary coaching session?

Me gusta
24 mar
Contestando a

Thank you Honey. You are a darling if there ever was one.

Me gusta
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